Our Sweet Khloei!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We are getting closer!!!

We are getting closer to our daughter. The USCIS emailed me that my new I-171H was put in today's mail. I am so excited. That was all we needed to travel. God is so Good. I am on cloud 9 right now. I was feeling pretty calm and collected till now. Now all I can think about is all the things I still need to get ready. My heart is over joyed, and I can not believe that this day is finally coming. So many years of trying, waiting on the daughter that God intended to be ours. It has been a long journey. And now here we go to China, for our sweet little girl. She is so much a part of my heart I can hardly wait to leave. To see her, and hold her in my arms. To see a smile on her darling little face. To hear her giggle, and watch her bloom....She is truly a blessing to our family. When I talk with people about our adoption people often say that she is a lucky girl, the truth is we are lucky to be blessed with a sweet little girl. I have been praising the Lord all day for such a wonderful daughter. Please continue to pray for our journey. And for our 9yr old son who will stay home. He is not handling the fact that we will be gone for so long. He is excited for his sister but does not want us to be gone for so many days. So pray for peace for him, and that he has a blast with my parents. Well I am off to get working on my list of things to get done......


  1. Oh Jody, What a wonderful heartfelt psot. I remember the feeling. I remember thiking...I knwo what she looks like...I knwo how big she is...but what is her voice like,,,how does her hair feel, how does she look when she smiles and how does she smell??? It won't be long until you know the answers!!!

  2. May God bless you all during this incredible journey to your precious daughter.

  3. I stumbled upon your blog while trying to find info on the I171-H turnaround times. Firstly, may God Bless you and your new daughter and the rest of your family! She is beautiful and surly ordained for you! Good luck! Can you help me with any info? We have a TA but our I171 was expiring and we mailed it off, got a tracking number and it was recieved before expiring ...Thank Goodness. Last week 7 days(3 Weeks after the local office recieved it) ago our local office said they would pull it for processing and it would take 7-14 days. This was after we sent an email on update status of the I171H. Now, I am somewhat on the edge of my seat! The group from the agency is scheduled to travel the end of feb and return mid march just like your group. My daughter is from guangdong! How did you get your I171 H back so quickly...Any tips would be most helpful!!! my email is cara4pwm@optonline.net Thank you kindly for any info you can supply!

    PS I saw on this page "Lead me Guide me Walk beside me" is that a poem or song?