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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

9 Days

Well today I am still working on packing and I talked with someone at the NVC office and all of our finger prints and information was entered into the main system on Feb 10th. Now I can not get a hold of the DR about the medicine she was going to call in for us to take. So I am getting worried. I am so ready to just be past this part. I feel like all I do is paper work email this person, call this person....I just want to be meeting my daughter. I am so nervous. What if the clothes are to small, what if I forget something. I keep having crazy dreams. Last night I dreamed we had 5 minutes between flights. And all our luggage got lost. Woke up watched TV for about an hr. Then finally back to sleep. I think I am stressing about our luggage to much. Well 9 days. We put together a little table last night in our sitting room off our kitchen. It looks cute. It is a cherry table set, matches our floor. So I like it. Plus it gives khloie a place to sit and color or play while I cook. I can't wait for her to be home with us. I know my life will change with a 2yr old around. My son is 9 going on 10, and my step daughter will turn 14 in China, and my step son is 18yrs. So a toddler will be different, but we are so excited!

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  1. Hi...Don't worry if her clothes are too small ...there are plenty in CHina and they are inexpensive.... Same with your luggage.. we brought all our clothes in our carryons so we always had them with us....tell your husband I wore my contacts in China with no problem..we were in Guangzhou the whole time ( I'm curious as to why people think they can't.) I did wear my glasses some too. We didn't get insurance because there was NO WAY we weren't going!!!( Of course the TB thing makes it that someone might have to stay but I haven't heard of that too much at all!!!!)
    I can not wait to follow your journey!! She is sooo sweet!!