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Saturday, February 13, 2010

12 Days!

Well 12 days left. I can not believe it! We got my husbands glasses today. He hates them, but we heard that wearing contacts is almost impossible in China. So he is bummed to wear his glasses. I am trying to get my house clean, but with 3 kids and sports it' s crazy. Our 18yr old and or 9yr old is the worst. Go figure our 2 boys. They are all boy!!!!! Our daughter who is 13 is pretty good, she is very mother like, and is always telling the boys, moms gonna be mad when she sees your mess..... she is funny! It is so funny watching their different personalities. I can not wait to know Khloei's. Is she serious, is she goofy, is she messy, a neat freak? I am so curious to know her. To love her, and become the family that God intended. I know many years ago I when we first struggled through infertility, I questioned why? Why would I not be able to conceive again? God grew in my family the heart for adoption. I knew in the beginning of 2006 that God was calling us to adopt. My husband also felt the call. It had been 4years of infertility. I knew we were called to adopt international. My husband said no, domestic. I was obedient and we began. We had 2 mothers that had changed there minds, and I was very upset by the process. I did not feel that this was the path that God had lead us to. On adoption Sunday at our church. We visited many domestic adoption booths. After we talked to them all, we did not feel we had any direction from God. Last my husband asked why we did not stop at one of the booths. I told him it was an international adoption booth. My husband walked over and started asking questions and getting information. I was shocked he was dead set against international adopt, due to his fear of flying. We went into 2nd service, and on the way home from Church my husband announced that we are to adopt from China. I know God spoke to him in service. I know that God has called us to this little girl. Our road to her in tells some many twist and turns. So many prayers that went unanswered, only to lead us to her. To see what God intended. I am still amazed at our path to her. Only God could have orchestrated all things to fall into place for us to become a family. I have not blogged the things that have transpired but I will. All I can say is that God had a hand in forming this new family. I am so thankful, and overwhelmed by how magnificent our God is.

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