Our Sweet Khloei!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

15 Days

15 days!!!! I can not wait to leave to finally be on our way to our daughter. It is so amazing how much she has grown in my heart, with only a picture. I can not wait to tell her we love her and hold her. Though I am sad to leave my son for so long. We have never left him. He has stayed the night places, but that is it. Usually he stays at my parents house which are my neighbors, or his friend that lives 2 houses down from us. So going so far, for so long is going to be hard on him. My husband and I had wanted to take a small vacation before China, so he could have some time without us, but that did not happen. Please pray that my son handles us being gone, he really is a home body, and doesn't handle change well. So having my mom do things differently than me is very hard for him. Please continue to pray for us, our son, and Khloei.


  1. I am a mother of 14 all boy's but one, I adopted all but the first two!. I started my own blog only it is it's about changing my life in 365 days, of course my kids are a large part of it. I am new to blogging and am trying but could use anyone's help My site must not be working because i can't seem to get anyone to post on my page. I am a mother and grandmother from Michigan. I hope to see you in my site and possibly get some tips.
    Thank you, Pugg

  2. Your daughter is so beautiful! I will certainly be praying for your son for the time you're gone and the adjustment to the change when you get home. I know that it's so hard to leave him. I'm looking forward to following your travels in China and when you get home with your little girl.