Our Sweet Khloei!

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just Bought Airline Tickets!

Wohoo.... does not even begin to express how I feel. We just purchased our airline tickets! We leave the 25th of Feb, and return March 13th..... I can hardly wait. I have so much to do. I have so much to buy.... I am so excited. ....I can not wait to see my daughter. We Fly from Columbus Ohio, To Chicago, To Tokyo, to Beijing. Then we fly to our daughters Prov the Fujian, Then we fly to Guangzhou. Home we fly from Guangzhou to Shanghai then to Chicago then Home to Columbus. Wow 8 flights all together. Please Pray for my husband he hates to fly. I think God is growing him, putting him on 8 flights.... Me I am just flat out excited! I am not a big fan of flying but, it doesn't bother me like it does my hubby. I told him either shut up about flying or stay home. He laughed and said he could never miss meeting his daughter. So here we Go......20 days and counting!

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