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Sunday, January 24, 2010

TB Test Prayer Request

It is getting closer to travel and I want to ask for prayer for Khloei. She will have a TB test before leaving China. She can not fly out of China unless it is negative. Please pray for her and that her test is negative. I am trying not to stress and let God handle it, but this my daughter and I could not leave her there. We do have a plan in place if it is positive, but will need extra funds. It is possible for me to stay in China with her. I do not work and my mother can help at home with my other children. But would need to find the extra money to cover my extended stay. So please pray for Khloei.


  1. You certainly have my prayers,,,but try not to stress too much over it...Please?!

  2. Hi! I was reading on a forum that if the vaccine is listed on their referral papers as given to them, then they would be alright. It's called BCG. I don't know if this info is accurate for sure. Our daughter's vaccination list includes BCG on one of the referral papers, and from my understanding, the vaccine will make the tb test positive, so if it's listed, it should not be a problem.
    Best wishes and God bless! I would like to follow the rest of your journey on my blog. I hope that's okay with you.