Our Sweet Khloei!

We are so happy to have Khloei as part of our family. When I look around I feel that our family is finally complete. Here is our travel blog.... http://www.myadoptionwebsite.com/khloei/

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Care Package Sent

Well we sent a care package to Khloei. She should get it today. We are so excited, but sad that we will not see her get it. We sent PJ's, a blanket, a doll, and a photo album. We also sent a camera for the nannies to take pictures of her, a letter to the orphanage, and nut and candies for the nannies. We are so excited, her first gifts from her mommy and daddy. I can hardly wait to travel. These last weeks seem to drag out. Though my list of things to do and buy seems to be getting bigger. We are so excited!!!!


  1. Thank you for praying for our son. I know the Lord has big plans for our little man. When do you travel?

    Ian Christopher ZhiKang Davis...he may hate me when he goes to school.

  2. She is gorgeous--a real beauty! Congrats!