Our Sweet Khloei!

We are so happy to have Khloei as part of our family. When I look around I feel that our family is finally complete. Here is our travel blog.... http://www.myadoptionwebsite.com/khloei/

We also have pictures posted at shutterfly.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How sweet!!! I just love her lips. I can hardly believe that this is my daughter. She is so beautiful. I am so crying right now as I look at her little face. I can hardly wait to hold her in my arms. I feel so blessed by God. She is growing and seems so healthy. I just can not find the words to express all of my emotions. We just Love her so much...and are ready to bring her home. Please continue to pray for Khloei and our journey to her. She is so loved and wanted. It is driving me crazy waiting on paper work...


  1. Hi! I think we were on a travel call with AHH together, right? Your daughter is beautiful!!! We are praying that you get our fingerprint appointment soon so you can get to her quickly. Hopefully, we will not be too much further behind.

    Take care,


  2. She is beautiful? You are right, her lips are so adorable.

  3. Your daughter is gorgeous - and I mean GORGEOUS! I love the boxes on your blog - like "Lead me guide me, walk beside me." Reminds me of a song I know. I so hope you're TA comes ASAP!

  4. She's adorable. I'll be praying for her as you get ready to meet.