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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sedated Echo Results!

Today we had Khloei's sedated echo. What a crazy morning! We arrived at Children's Hospital at 7:30 am and by 9:00 they gave her the sedation medication. It took her about 20 mins to fall completely asleep. It was very interesting to watch the echo, though it was hard to follow.
We found out that Khloei's VSD, and ASD was completely repaired in China, even though her documents said ASD complete repair and VSD partial repair. So that is wonderful. Her referral also indicated a thick mitral value, which the echo revealed was actually an extra flap growing off the mitral valve. The mitral value is working well, so the cardiologist is just going to watch it. the tricuspid valve was said to have regurgitation at a level 2, but the echo revealed a level 1 regurgitation. So that was great news. The echo did reveal 2 other heart conditions that was not in her referral. They are minor and only to to be watched for any changes. She has a silent PDA and trival aortic insufficiency. If there are any changes all of these can be fixed in out patient surgery. So we are thrilled. The cardiologist said he wants to see Khloei in 1 yr and gave me a list of things to watch for with the mitral valve, PDA and aortic valve. She has no restrictions on her activities, and the pulmonary hypertension is gone. Which is good because that can lead to lung transplant. All is well and she is home sleeping off the rest of the meds they used for sedation. God is Good! We are so thankful that everything came back so well. The cardiologist told us she could have to have open heart surgery again according to China's notes, but after the echo, he gave her thumbs up. Thank you for your prayers, and please pray for my sisters daughter. she adopted her in Nov of 2009 from Fujian Prov. and she has open heart surgery on April 27th. She is only 6months older than Khloei. Khloei and Lynden ( my niece) are very close and love to play together. We are also neighbors so the girls share a lot in common. Both from the Fujian Prov. Both will have had heart surgery. I will try and post some pictures of the girls together.

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