Our Sweet Khloei!

We are so happy to have Khloei as part of our family. When I look around I feel that our family is finally complete. Here is our travel blog.... http://www.myadoptionwebsite.com/khloei/

We also have pictures posted at shutterfly.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I uploaded more Easter pictures on our shutterfky. http://oursweetkhloeielizabeth.shutterfly.com/ Khloei is so sweet. Well things are going well Khloei has a sedated Echo on April 21st. The cardiologist feels that all is good, but has a few tiny concerns. So please keep Khloei in your prayers. She has been sick on and off. Seems that she has had ecoli in her urine for awhile. So she is on very strong meds. The pharmacies had to order it in that's how strong it is and she has to have an ultra sound of her kidneys. So that is coming up. Please pray that this new medicine clears up her ecoli, or the next step is hospital with IV. The Dr said that this form of ecoli can be from dirty water, and she had very strong pee when we got her. And that is a sign. So they are not sure how long that the ecoli has been in her system. So please keep khloei in your prayers.

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