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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Update On Niece

Well my niece had surgery for her VSD, because of the location it was open heart surgery. It was Tuesday the 27th. I stayed almost the whole 4 days with her, and 1 night. I rotated with my brother in law, who is an attorney and a professor. So his schedule kept him in and out and home one night for good sleep. Her surgery went well, and it was very hard picking her up and moving her around. She is doing well home and happy. As for Khloei it was hard. She missed me a lot, and was having some difficulty with me being gone so long. She stayed with Daddy so that helped. But sometimes they just need MOM! My husband said the night I was gone she cried a lot and woke a lot crying. So that made me sad..... But I was happy to help my sister and I got to learn a lot about Khloei's surgery in China, and how it must have been for her. Which made me cry that she went through all that with out us. I came home and babied her...And now I look at her surgery differently. Not that I ever thought it was simple, but having watched and helped my niece I just feel more sad for my daughter. I heard my niece cry out for mommy and I just sob that my daughter did not have a mommy or daddy to call for, to comfort her. I rocked her to sleep to night and thought of all these things again. I am thankful that the orphanage workers stayed and took shifts with her so she was not alone, but it was not us, and it was not her mommy and daddy.

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