Our Sweet Khloei!

We are so happy to have Khloei as part of our family. When I look around I feel that our family is finally complete. Here is our travel blog.... http://www.myadoptionwebsite.com/khloei/

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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well we are home. It has been crazy. We had our family photos done yesterday. The photographer cropped this picture for us. She looks so sweet. It is hard to believe that this is my sweet little girl. I am still walking around in tears that she is ours. It still amazes me that God has brought such a perfect match to our family. Though some adjusting is hard. My son who is 9yrs old has been the baby for so long, and of course Khloei is still adjusting so much. But it is going better than I thought. Nights are rough, but we are have not found a schedule that works for her and all the kids sports. Nap falls at the time I get my step daughter from school, so then she is cranky when I have to wake her and does not make for a good evening. No nap means she wants to go to bed at 7pm, and my son has soccer. Up earlier is out. Because she whines from about 4am till 7am then falls back to sleep. So I need sleep. Oh well I know as soon as we get a good schedule it will be much easier. Well I will be posting more pics soon. I have so many cute ones. Of course, because she is so beautiful!

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