Our Sweet Khloei!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things have been going great! Khloei is doing so well. She is sleeping good and it only takes me about 25 minutes to get her to sleep. I rock her for about 20 minutes then lay her in her crib where she holds my hand till she falls asleep. I love it... She is so sweet.

She has been screaming a lot when we tell her NO! She defiantly likes things her way. And will scream and yell when it does not go her way. We have started putting her in time out for screaming. She will sit on the time out step, and her little lip sticks out. I just want to kiss her up. But I know she needs to learn not to scream at us when we tell her NO! She is so funny and loves to play games and swing on the swing set. She also will play for hours in a baby pool. She is our little fish. We camp a lot at our cabin. Well I call it camping, but it is really a cabin. It is on some property that we own in WV. I can hardly wait to take her. My younger son Nathaniel is 9. He will be done with soccer in 2 weeks and we are headed there as soon he is finished.

I will be posting new pics soon. We just celebrated Ryan's birthday/ one year with his new family. Ryan is a little boy we fostered from a disrupted adoption. He was adopted from China about 2.5 yrs ago and the family changed there mind. We had Ryan with us for a few weeks last spring, when some good friends from our Church stepped up to adopt him. He is such a wonderful little boy. We do miss him, and during Ryan's stay with our family we prayed about adopting him. God had spoke directly to both my husband and I that we were not the family for him. Though it was hard and I sobbed many nights after he left our home. I can now see God's plan. He is with the perfect family for him. It is great that we see him regularly and I get to babysit him. It was a wonderful celebration this past weekend as about 70 people came to his party. I have some wonderful pics from that day. Ryan is now 6 years old and adjust well. He was adopted from China at 3.5yrs old placed in our home at the age of 5yr. and is now 6 yrs old and with his forever family. Please pray for him as he has Nevus. Right now his health is good. But this special need can become very serious.

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