Our Sweet Khloei!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Days!

Things are going wonderful. Khloei has adjusted so much. I just lover her personality. She keeps us laughing all the time. She is such a problem solver. I love watching her grow and discover her world. She has started preschool and is doing great. She loves going and playing with her friends. She always comes home signing songs about Jesus. How wonderful to my ears. She keeps talking about going back to Disney World. She loved our 10 day stay on the resort. We put up all our Christmas decor over the weekend. She has been signing and dancing around the house. She is such a joy. I will post more pics when I have time. Please continue to pray for Khloei as she does not handle going to the doctors. I am not sure what her her hospital stay was like in China, but it left her very scared. The Doctors at Children's Hospital are struggling with how to deal with her. The only option for a routine check up is sedation, and they are not wanting to sedate her for simple procedures. This will be long road of healing and learning to trust for Khloei. She has a DR appointment after Christmas so please continue to pray for Khloei.

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