Our Sweet Khloei!

We are so happy to have Khloei as part of our family. When I look around I feel that our family is finally complete. Here is our travel blog.... http://www.myadoptionwebsite.com/khloei/

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Updated Photos Of Khloei

Well Khloei is doing wonderful. Has adjusted very well. She is very excited about our upcoming trip to Disney World we are spending 9 days at the resort. Khloei is so into all of the Disney princesses. Her favorite is Tinker Bell. I can hardly wait to see her face when we get there.

A note to sponsor family, I am so happy for you all on the adoption of your son. I hope and pray he is adjusting well. Your family has been in our prayers, and we will always feel blessed for your sponsorship of Khloei, and your part in her life. Thank you. I hope you enjoy the updated photos. I have been so busy.

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