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Monday, November 22, 2010

Thnaksgiving Blessings!

One year ago today...I was waiting on PA, no correspondence from my agency...Sad and morning the lose of our first referral, and trying desperately to figure out Gods Plan...

Today I am filled with jot to have my daughter in my arms, hearing her sweet giggles. Today I can see Gods Plan. What had to be to have what was meant to be ours. I was reading today and found the most perfect words. God is Good at that.

This was the place I was 1yr ago today. Sometimes in our weakest moments God is accomplishing the most. What appears to be a dead end contains the seeds of God's new beginnings. I did not know last yr what God had in store for our family.

I learned in the last yr.... The choice to trust God isn't cushioned by deals and promises that everything will turn out the way we think it should. God's only promise is that He will work all things in our lives for our good and for his glory.

This I can say is so true. Khloei who was placed in our lives by Gods davine hand was more of a blessing than I could ever realize. The daughter my heart sought and was brought by God. Only God knew what Khloei needed, and what our family needed. As to our first referral all of the is true for her. She was hand picked and placed in her family by God. No one knows why God chooses one family for a child and not the other, But through Christ we know that it is what is best. And through that, peace is found. I can not ask for more this holiday season. All my prayers have been answered this yr. God is so Good. Happy Thanksgiving!

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