Our Sweet Khloei!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Update from Cardiologist!

Today I received an email from the cardiologist. It was a very good report. It is so nice to finally be getting good news. This adoption journey has had it's ups and downs. I am glad we are on the upside. God has answered many of my prayers. Even during my times of questioning? God has answered. The email I received today was a direct answer from God. He is so GOOD! We are praying for the CCAA to move more quickly on our paper work. We are praying that we can be with her on her birthday. It is January 16th. Our daughter will be 2yrs old. Our little Khloei. I will be ordering an update of photo's and measurements, and sending her a care package tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing how she has grown. Please pray for our documents to move quickly.

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  1. She is a gorgeous little girl and I'm so glad you got some good news! I know you were concerned. Can't wait to follow your journey!