Our Sweet Khloei!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Choosing A Name!

Well we really like the name Chloei Elizabeth. My husband likes it spelled Kloei, I like it spelled Chloei. So we will see. We have other names we like, but Chloei Elizabeth is the only one we agree on. We are very excited to be picking out a name, now the big wait. Waiting on getting matched. The CCAA told us they are going to give us a private match, with all that has accrued. We are very excited to see if they follow through. If not we will have to wait till the October list. It is due out around Oct 15th-23rd. So we have about 4 weeks to wait. Please pray that the CCAA comes through on what they have said. If I can get matched by the CCAA through a private match then I can travel with my sister to China. Her blog is http://www.bennetts2china.blogspot.com/. You can follow her story if you would like. Well please pray for us and both of our daughters in China. I have posted a name poll below, please vote on you feel we should spell our daughters name. We thought this would be fun for our friends and family and would up us in trying to decide. Thanks

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